Fire & Explosion

K-P Engineering can assist in the investigation of fires and explosions including events involving released fuel gas or flammable liquids, burst compressed gas cylinders, boilers, pressure vessels and other process equipment.  In particular, K-P has exceptional expertise in the evaluation of the microscopic evidentiary aspects of these events, such as the nature, cause and origin of cracks, leaks, chemical features and other material and metallurgical aspects that may be at the heart of these destructive events.  Learn if the part caused the event, or simply failed as a direct result of the event.  Determine what the temperature of the fire was, or its duration.  These are some of the useful evidence that may be uncovered by forensic metallurgy and engineering. 

Components & Devices often investigated include:

  • Fuel gas fittings, pipes & components
  • Gas regulators
  • Valves
  • Appliances
  • CSST (Corrogated Stainless Steel Tubing)
  • Appliance connectors
  • Brass fittings

Fires & Explosions arising from:

  • Corrosion 
  • Mechanical damage
  • Overload/over-pressure failures
  • Freeze failures
  • Lightning strike
  • Environmental effects
  • Faulty installation / maintenance
  • Accident