About K-P Engineering

K-P Engineering was founded in 2016 to serve insurance professionals, attorneys and manufacturing clients in matters involving products liability, subrogation and other types of litigation and engineering consulting. Its mission is to provide excellent engineering and forensic investigative services to its clients with timely communications, discrete representation, exceptional reporting and transparent billing. Our business model is one that provides exceptional engineering services, delivered efficiently, with low overhead, thereby allowing for a highly competitive fee structure. Part of our cost-effective delivery of services is our use of state-of-the-art scientific and testing services via partner companies.

Forensic engineering investigations and failure analyses are many times multi-disciplinary endeavors involving several engineering and scientific fields as well as many types of investigative techniques and equipment. Incidents that involve damage or loss of property, various types of other economic loss, as well as injury and death may have their roots in a number of disparate factors, the confluence of which culminate in loss events. These factors include the passage of time (measured in seconds to years), environment, people, installation & maintenance practice, manufacturing practice and acts of God, among many others.

The forensic engineers at K-P Engineering seek to condense failure and loss events into their fundamental engineering elements based on accepted engineering and scientific principles and fact, derived through a specific, disciplined investigative process, namely the Scientific Method. Proper application of the scientific method allows for the root cause(s) of a loss event to be clearly articulated, a cause that is uniquely consistent with the facts of the case. Plain and simple.